Hello everybody, this is my first web page so it is going to be constantly under construction.

In an effort to increase my computer knowledge I've decided to learn html.(that is to your advantage!) There have been a lot of people asking me where I get the programs I use, so I've decided to include in this web page a list of my favorite places to go and get free stuff.

My Favorite Sites For Free Stuff!!

The Free Site this is a good place to start because all of the programs at this site are freeware (which means you don't have to pay a cent for them!)

Net Zero is probably the best free internet access that I have found, the only requirement of this service is that you display a banner add. I use it and it seems to give me a faster connection than AOL. This ISP can really save you some cash.

ZDNet Free File of the Day this link will take you to Zdnet's free file of the day page where they publish a new file every day, this site has thousands of programs that are freeware and shareware.

The best place to find free MP3 is Napster

Free Ware files.com is just what the link means! Free files!

This is a list of cool sites that are fun to explore.

Seti@Home is a pretty cool scientific experiment run out of U.C. Berkeley that allows you to participate in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Desert Rats Seti@Home Group this is a group of people that have joined me in the goal of helping SETI find life beyond our planet. Thanks guys.

UTEP's Geological Sciences Dept.

Scientific American Magazine offers selections of their magazine online while its at the stands, for free!

Links to friends web pages:

Blair Foster's web page
Daniel Baca's KD5GWO Radio Page

Daniel Baca's picture, me!!

Daniel Baca's Live Web Cam!! well it's not live all the time, only when i'm online, but there is always a picture posted, updated every 1minute.

AOL user's can check their mail here if not at home AOL NET MAIL

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More favorite places!